Student Application Form

Grades 3-12

Student Grants are for individual or group learning programs, projects, and opportunities that are initiated by a Georgetown student or student group.  An Applicant must be enrolled in a grade 3-12 school or a home-schooled program and a resident of Georgetown, ME. It is the job of the Applicant to make a strong case for passion, interest in learning, and responsibility.

Ideas: community education campaign, camp, lessons, self-education materials (books, apps, tools, supplies), workshops, tickets…  What do you want to learn? What do you need?


The Foundation member will contact the Applicant as soon as a complete application has been received. When an application is funded, funds will be sent directly to the educational program and/or materials supplier when possible. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to keep an accurate accounting of funds spent.


We recommend that you fill out your answers to the questions below in your own document which you can save, and then cut and paste answers in the boxes below whey you are ready to submit.

Student Application Form

  • Proposal

  • The following questions must be fully addressed. Video and other digital responses can be uploaded below and/or accepted via email to This is your best opportunity to sell your idea to the Foundation. This must be the Applicant’s own work.
  • Budget:
  • The Foundation cannot accept an application without a budget. The grant award amount will be based upon this budget. Attach an invoice if one is available. If you are ordering from a specific online supplier (e.g., attach a print of the item page or the “Cart” for the order. You may also make your own budget document and attach it. The more work you do on this part of the application, the better. Some categories might include:
  • 1. Fees and tuitions
  • 2. Travel expenses (you may estimate gas if you are being driven)
  • 3. Cost of materials and supplies (be specific - you must have a specific plan in order to be considered for a grant)
  • 4. Other expenses necessary for you to complete your learning project or experience
  • Grades 3-5 (up to $300)
    Grades 6-8 (up to $500)
    Grades 9-12 (up to $1000)
  • Demonstration of Learning
  • Optional File Uploads
  • Enter videos or images that support your application.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 100 MB, Max. files: 4.