How we’ve spent out grant money…

List of GIEF grants in 2020-2021

The list below will give you some examples of the kinds of projects we fund.  Please feel free to get in touch with GIEF ( if you would like to discuss an idea before you apply.

Grants to Students

High school student grant to build their own computer$1000
High school student for drivers ed$465
Middle school student for music lessons$300
Elementary school student for music lessons$300
Elementary school student for camera to learn photography$275

Grants to Teachers

GCS teacher grant for PE winter activity equipment$1000
GCS teachers to co teach photography club$1300
GCS teacher to expand classroom library to be more inclusive and diverse$1000
GCS teacher for novels for reading workshop$1000

Ongoing Sponsorships

Set For Success, RSU 1$500
Set For Success, Georgetown Central School (GCS)$500
Roscohegan Fund for Environmental Sciences at GCS$3500

List of GIEF grants in 2019

Grants to Teachers

Field trip to the UNE Brain Fair in Gorham$510
Field trip to Engineering Expo at the University of Maine$214
For a Storytelling with Pictures (purchase of digital cameras for 2nd graders to use to take photos as a way to tell a story$1175
Boat Safety, and Merrymeeting Bay$300
Art teacher grant- scrapbook club$1000

Grants to Students

4-6th graders(brothers)-building a treehouse$600
4-6th grader- for Camp North Woods$300
4-6th grader for piano lessons$300
4-6th grader for guitar lessons$300
4-6th grader for USM Music Camp$500
3rd grader for The Monarch Hatchery (development of monarch habitats in Georgetown and writing a book on monarchs)$300
3rd grader for a scrapbooking project$214

Grants to the Community

Artist Studio Program$500
Freedom Tour$350 to any student who applies
Re-grant to the Georgetown Working League Scholarship Fund$1000
Midcoast Community Alliance for its Set for Success program$10/student
Carlos Barrionuevo for Heifitz on Tour$1000
Adult Led Grant- KELT educational staff member, for outdoor classroom program on vernal pools and clam flats for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades (included the purchase of 20 copies of The Secret Pool)$990
GCS-1-week workshop with Michael Wingfield, Artist-in-Residence, on rhythm and song of the African New World$2500