NOTE: This application is to be used when no funds are being sought to support instruction fees. It is intended for use by high-school students applying for funds for materials and/or supplies and/or equipment. If you are applying for funds to support instruction, please use the alternate application form.

We are pleased you are considering applying for a grant in support of a learning opportunity about which you are passionate. We are happy to answer any questions you may have in the process of applying. Members of GIEF are also available to meet by phone or in-person to support you in developing your proposal. As you fill out the application, please keep several things in mind:

  • We request that students fill out the grant applications as independently as possible based on their age and abilities. No matter your age, you can always use the adults in your life as sounding boards for ideas, to answer questions, or as final proof-readers.
  • Please keep in mind GIEF’s mission and vision as you develop your grant idea and application:
    “The mission of the Georgetown Island Education Foundation is to support, enrich, and enhance the educational experience of all students of Georgetown, Maine. o It is the vision of the foundation to spark positive, lasting attitudes toward exploration and learning through exposure to a variety of diverse, creative and challenging educational opportunities.”

High-School Student Application - Self-Directed Learning

  • General Information

  • Your Proposal

  • Please BE SPECIFIC in explaining what you hope to learn through this project/program
  • If you are receiving non-GIEF funded formal instruction or ongoing informal instruction/apprenticeship, please describe this OR If you plan to be self-directed, what resources (online tutorials, reference books, consulting local experts, etc) will serve as a support for you and what milestones will you reach along the way?
  • List all items in detail (e.g. price plus make/model, title/edition, etc and where you have sourced them)
  • For example: I need to purchase new versus used equipment because…, I need to buy versus rent because…, I am proposing one-on-one instruction rather than group instruction because…)
  • This may take the form of anything from a performance or exhibit to mentoring or connecting with an elder member of your family.
  • Optional: Attach any supporting images, videos, documents you would like to share.
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